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volume control range


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This may be a silly question, but i'm curious about the answer. I have a ~12 year old Pioneer receiver that is still in good shape but recently i've been noticing that the range of the volume between "too quiet to hear" and "too loud" is about a millimeter's worth of knob-turn. When using a remote it's virtually impossible to press the up or down button fast enough to get it to stop within this millimeter.

A few caveats: even at halfway, it's always been LOUD, and in my experience all audio systems are like this, but somehow recently it's seemed like it's been worse. Now, in this same amount of time (almost a year) my son was born, and we've been a little more attuned to what might wake him up--so it could just be that. But i'm pretty sure i recall the remote situation for some time before recently.

My question is, has this really changed, or is it my imagination? (or, as the saying goes, have i become too old? ;-)) That is, is there something that's physically changed that makes that range shrink? If so, is there a way to fix it? Or is there a workaround?

thanks much,


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I'd hazard a guess that something's broken and in need of servicing.


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Has everything in the system remained constant (ie equipment, location, surroundings)? If yes, then either you perception has change or one or more of the bits of kit is behaving differently.

Your perception is likely to have been effected by having a new member of the household. But even small changes in the room could, potentially, change the sound to make it less comfortable.

It sounds like you have efficient speakers that don't demand too much of the amp. Good in many ways but, as you are finding, this can result in a very small practical range on the volume control.

Or, you've got used to the sound and can now identify its short falls? Your peception of 'too loud' may be because you are more critical of a short fall in sound quality at that level?

So no answers but maybe some stuff to think about?

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