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Julian Brown

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The volume control on the remote for my Humax box will not work when I am watching HD channels and I have to swop over to the TV remote.

Is there a way to get the HD volume control on to the Humax remote so that I have everything on one device?


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Yes - turn off Dolby Digital output from the HD channels.

Assuming Foxsat-hdr

Menu - Settings - TV Setup - Dolby Digital Off


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It worked. Cheers!

One question: Am I missing anything vital by turning Dolby off?

Not if you are using a TV for the sound. Some programmes on the HD channels have 5.1 surround sound. You need a amplifier and 6 speakers to get any benefit. Your TV will be only stereo at best.


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To add to what Graham said, most TVs (even with an optical output) mix all 5.1 down to stereo PCM anyway - to get proper surround you need either an amp with HDMI input which extracts the audio and passes video to the TV, or the older style optical direct out of your devices. In my case I have a cheap but good Sony STR-DE595 with Xbox 360 and HTPC hooked up via optical, and the Humax's optical goes into a co-ax converter to the matching co-ax on the amp. All provide surround via Dolby (either true Digital 5.1 or Pro-Logic II) and DTS in case of the HTPC.

Surround setups are low on the "wife acceptance factor" in most cases though, unless you can tuck the subwoofer away and use good quality smaller type satellite speakers.

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