Voltage question.


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Hello I have a Sony Bravia TV, model KDL 60 NX720. In the specifications printed in the manual under "Power Requirement" it says the following:

110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (U.S.A./Canada 120 V AC, 60Hz)

I've recently relocated to Europe and brought my tv with me. I have it on a step down transformer currently but I'm wondering if my TV is actually dual voltage. I'm not quite sure if the manual is telling me that the TV uses 120 V AC when in America, or if it's saying that units manufactured for America *require* 120 V AC (Although it was made in Mexico). Would it make sense for Sony to install a different power supply in the same model depending on where the TV is sold? I'd love to take this thing off of the transformer because it's noisy and it wastes power, but I can't imagine the consequences would be very good if I gambled wrong. If anyone has any insight or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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If it was purchased in the US then it is probably 120v as per spec above. The models that are sold outside the US are the 110-240v.
Does the TV itself have a label on the back specifying voltage? That would be the definitive check.


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Yup the label on the back only says 120v 60hz, which normally would have shut me up. I just figured I'd try to get an expert opinion though since I've seen similar discussions online with people who have bravia models close to my own claiming that they used their "110-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz (U.S.A./Canada 120 V AC, 60Hz)" tv without issue overseas. I wouldn't even be thinking about it if this stupid transformer wasn't such a distraction. Thanks for your input though. I'll probably just leave it alone.

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