Voltage on PSP1003?



I just bought a second hand PSP and noticed it was a PSP 1003. Does anyone know what the voltage is on that model? Is it 110V or 220 V?? Or does it support both?

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not sure about the voltage but a usb charger will do the trick..probably cheaper too.just buy the 2 in 1 multi cable.(this will synch and charge your psp on a pc.)


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The voltage on the PSP is going to be 3.6 Volts DC - all PSPs will be the same voltage and this has no bearing on the mains voltage - you just need a PSP charger that has the correct rating for your region. If it didnt come with a charger then you need to find one locally, UK ones will want 230V AC 50Hz and will give out 3.6Volts DC, US ones will want 110V 60Hz and will give out the same 3.6Volts DC. Plug a US one into the UK mains and you will destroy the charger. Plug a UK one into the US mains and it wont work very well but wont die in an impressive manner. The PSPs downstream of the charger are expecting the same voltage no matter where they are.


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As far as im aware any charger you buy should work for it as they suppurt 100v - 240v. The one that came with my psp cleary says that on it.

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Correct, my machine purchased 2 weeks had an adaptor that is 5v out but will accept between 100 and 240v in.


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Yup - even in old NZ, the chargers take the local 230V 50HZ but are rated for both that and the US standard.


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USB chargers are not a good idea. USB voltage is different to what the PSP expects. Easy to test - remove the battery from your PSP then connect the USB charger and try to turn the PSP on, it won't work. Now plug the charger into the mains and connect that to the PSP, it will work.

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