Voltage from preoout of Marantz NR1509 not sufficient for Crown XLS2002?


I have a crown XLS 2002 which I got to drive my front left and right speakers. So I connected the pre-outs from my marantz nr1509 avr to the Crown and what a bummer.. The sound was underwhelming. I thought the .775 input sensitivity setting would do the trick..but that did not make much of a difference. Looks like the preout from the marantz is not driving the crown to full power.

Will adding something like this to the chain solve this problem. This particular device seems to be made for these kinds of situations - matching consumer gear with pro audio equipment.

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What setting do you have on the two front “gain” knobs on the Crown. For use with the marantz I would start with them at around 3 o’clock (7/10) and go from there plus I would use the rca inputs on the rear of the crown from the marantz preout, often the xlr’s are set to 4v input.
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I run Crown XLS 1502's from a Denon x3500. I have the amps at about 3 Oclock and works well for me. I use RCA decent quality.


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Just to add to this, I have an XLS1500 (centre/sub), XLS1502 (L/R) and XLS1002 (surround) connected to a Denon DN-500AV processor with balanced XLR. Dials at 3 o'clock. Possibly one of the best kept secrets in home audio.

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