Jack Carter

not sure if this has been posted before, but does everybody know that with VOIPBuster, you can have unlimted UK landline calls - totally free... Stay on as long as you like.

Basically I am using the service and all I had to do was to credit 5 Euros, the euros stay on the account and don't go down - if account is in credit ie: then you can make endless calls to UK landlines for free.

Only time the credits gop down is if you phone a mobile or abroad, if you stick to UK landlines - then yeap you can phone any UK nomal landline free from your PC.

Hope the above makes sense...

Its great , quality is good as well ..

Steve Bate

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I got this when the credit only had to be 1Euro and now spend 1hr+ per week to friends in the US all free.

Cant see them continuing once they're out of beta testing tho'


Rob D

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Looks like Voipuster have now removed their free UK landlines offer although you can still call 12 countries free.


Yeah. VOIPCheap is a newer VOIP solution for free calls to landlines. Free to the UK, Netherlands and a few other Countries. VOIPBuster is still free to the USA and about another 10 Countries.


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I just installed VOIPCHEAP its great, works very well, contacts for either users or voipout contacts, free calls, thanks to op


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