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I bought a Vogels Thin 345 bracket for a Sony 46inch HX803. There was no mention of a screen depth limit on the website (clearly-av), however on delivery I notice that the box states a max screen depth of 40mm.

This concerned me a little, but I am thinking it is in relation to the cable tidy mechanism. I can't see how screen depth would cause an issue.

Anyone have any ideas why there is a limit specified, and where I may run into problems.



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The maximum screen depth is to prevent regular Plasma/LCD TVs to be used with the bracket. Because the bracket is so slim there's obviously weight loading and leverage constraints, we have the same issues with our super slim brackets.

If you have a TV which is 25Kgs but only 40mm deep then the leverage pulling down on the bracket is much less (maybe half) than a TV of the same weight which is 100mm deep. So the equivalent leverage would be like attaching a 50Kg TV. This is especially crucial when the said TV is a Plasma where a large proportion of the TVs weight is the glass right at the front of the screen.

The problem you may have is that the TV may sag forwards when mounted, even when the TV is flat against the wall.

Hope this makes sense.



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Hi - yes that makes sense, and is also what the supplier advised.

I am hoping all will be well. I am not worried about a little tilt (I bought a mount with the tilt option so I could tilt the set downwards anyway).

Thanks for your advice Graham.


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I just wanted to know how things went mounting the TV on this bracket as I am looking to use it with a SONY KDL-32EX713 which is a bit deeper than 40mm:

· VESA 200 x 200 [mm]
· Weight: 10,7 kg (without table-stand)
· Dimensions (w x h x d): 811 x 507 x 65 [mm] .

Thanks for your help.


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Hello ,
Lennox, do you have any news ? because i want to buy this tv support , but my tv is a LCD one , with a depth of 95mm. (18kg, 37")
Do you think it will works ?


(Sorry for my english)


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hi all, i have just bought a Panasonic vt65 50 inch the specs for this are 40mm deep 26kg where this bracket has 40mm deep max and 25kg max. Do you think i can risk it with this bracket. it really is good as due to the reach, 180deg turn and tilt mechanisms i can mount it 630mm from a corner (in L shape room) and be able to view the tv from both parts of the L, so really want this to work. I have a vogels 6245 for a different tv and know this is really over engineered prob holding 3x the rated max weight so i am wondering if this is the same on the slim 345 and what the general advice would be for my situation. Id really like the bracket to perform well and of course not fall off the wall!!

thanks for comments!


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Hi - sorry for lack of updates. I did get this to work with my TV, but had to saw off part of the lower brace as otherwise it didn't fit the casing of the TV. It has been fine though. Pleased with the bracket.

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