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Vodafone lied to me :(


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So after weeks of deliberation I finally decided to order the HTC Desire! I got a 20% discount on my tariff from work and a £90 cash back deal from Quidco by ordering through Vodafone, so decided that would be the way forward!

Went to the website and had a discussion with a customer service specialist via their instant messenger that they have on their website and, being the cynic that I am, I had them email me the conversation that then took place. It went like so:

Chat Transcript
info: You are about to be connected to a new connection sales adviser for Vodafone UK. Please note they do not have access to existing customer details and cannot process orders or upgrades. If you have a query of this nature please contact customer services.
info: You are now connected with Abby.
You: Is the HTC desire in stock?
Abby: Hello, you're chatting with Abby, one of Vodafone's online sales specialists. May I take your name please?
You: Daniel
Abby: Yes, Daniel.. the lovely handset is available in stock
You: If I order it now, when can I expect delivery?
Abby: We aim to deliver very next day, however sometimes it takes 2-3 days
Abby: the maximum time will be 2-3 days
Abby: Daniel, are you looking for a new contract with a new number ?
You: Well if I order the phone, I really want delivery by Friday at the latest, as I am away on business from Sunday evening for two weeks. So is there any guarantees that I will receive it before I leave?
You: Yes, new contract and new number
Abby: Cool....
Abby: don;t worry you'll get your delivery within 2-3 days
You: I currently hold an account through my employer, but im guessing that doesn't entitle me to any discounts...
Abby: Nope, as the online deals are fixed and already at discounted rate
Abby: may I know which price plan you've selected ?
You: I'm currently considering the £35pcm, 18mth, 600mins, unlimited texts, and 1Gb internet
You: I work for Lloyds TSB, and have been told that I should be able to claim an additional 20% discount on any line rental over £20pcm both online and in store, is that correct?
Abby: Excellent choice of handset !!!
Abby: and deal as well
Abby: well, I can't comment on discount part as we don't offer any discount online
Abby: do you have any code for the discount part
Abby: ?
You: No code, just a form that I need to complete and send in within 30 days of purchase
Abby: cool....
Abby: in that case you can go ahead with the order
Abby: and can submit the form within 30 days
Abby: Shall I send you the link to proceed with the order ?
You: Good! What about Quidco, if i purchase it through their link to you, will that affect anything?
Abby: nope, it won't effect anything
Abby: so you're placing an order through the quidco link correct ?
You: yep
Abby: cool...
Abby: just select the phone and price plan and come to basket page
Abby: let me know once there
You: Last question... The phone that you send me, will it be sim-locked to Vodafone?
Abby: the handset is lock , however you can unlock it free of cost by calling on 191 anytime in your contract term
Abby: I will keep this chat window open to be available for questions as you complete your order.
You: Wow! Free? Why's that?
Abby: Well, all the contract phone are unlock.....
Abby: only the pay as you go phone comes lock on our network...
Abby: and for unlocking the phone it charge £19.99
You: so its free on pay monthly?
Abby: Yes, be rest assured about that
Abby: Make sure that you fill in all the mandatory details which is mark with *sign
Abby: and let me know once you complete your order
You: Ok, thanks for the assistance
Abby: :)
You: Once I set up this contract, at what point can I downgrade or upgrade the tariff?
Abby: you can go for upgrade when you are into last 70 days of your contract over online...
You: Ok, I've taken the plunge and ordered. I just hope it does get to me before the weekend. Thanks for your assistance. Its nice to have someone there to answer the little questions that aren't too easy to find answers to on the website, or on the net in general.
Abby: Brilliant !! you're a star
Abby: Once your order is submitted you'll get a confirmation email sent with your order number. You can use this to keep track of your order status.
Abby: You will get the confirmation email within 24 hours and to know the latest status of order you can contact order tracking team at – 08448540430
Abby: Is there anything else i can do for you today?
Abby: is that all for now ?
You: Yeah, perfect, you've been great! THANK YOU!!!
Abby: My pleasure

So, I called up today and now they're saying that I won't be receiving the phone until next Friday at the earliest!!!! Thats a week later than they "guaranteed" above!!! I feel pretty upset about this and want to know if there is any way that I can do something about this blatant lie! It still says that the phones are in stock on the Vodafone website!!! So why would they get me to sign up and tell me its in stock when they are at least a week or so away from receiving stock???? :mad:

This is not the way to treat new customers Mr Vodafone!!! :thumbsdow

Does anyone have any info on details for stock deliveries? Or should I just cancel? I aint too happy with this lot!


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I really like the look and features of the desire and definitely prefer it to the Nexus to be honest, so I don't think that will be an option. It's just so annoying!!! I'm going to be stuck in some hotel in the middle of nowhere with no internet-worthy device to hand (my e71 and BB Bold 9000 phones are the worst for internet browsing!!!).


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Yeah, I suppose! But I suppose im just a bit angry that I was promised something that should never have been promised and now im gonna be stuck on a boring business trip with no new shiny phone to play with! :(

Just sent them an email to show my discontent! Lets see what happens! :)


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Tempted to change the thread title to "Abby lied to me"

For balance I should find a female mod... :devil:

[email protected]

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What exactly are you wanting them to do?

Apologise? send you freebies? reduce your bill ? Send you a phone that they apparently don;t have to send?

Most complaints are usually driven by something, so what would you want Vodafone to do.

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