Vodafone FTTC - any good


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Considering changing supplier in a few months when my current contract expires. The best service I can hope for here is FTTC with ~30-odd down and ~7 up so anything purporting to be "faster" isn't going to achieve much; nor do I feel the need.

Vodafone is currently the cheapest service on offer by some margin.

Question: Anyone with experience comment on whether they are actually any good? Please note that I have absolutely NO intention to use the proprietary router so I am not interested in how the in-premises end of it (eg WiFi coverage) compares. My existing router will handle that. It is only what happens on the other side of the phone socket that matters.

Grateful for any insight. Thanks.


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Only variable is likely to be customer service. That said if it’s anything like their phone service it’ll be patchy and frustrating at best.


I tend to swam IPS each time my contract expires, and in the past used Vodafone FTTC. Generally it was fine, and they are happy to give you details for setting up your own router (which some ISP's are not).
They were as good (or bad) as any of the other cheap ISP's I have used. Uptime is generally good, but a pain to get any info from them when it is down as the only support worth considering is their online chat/ticket system. In my 18 month contract I had a few outages that did not last too long.

I now use Uno for my FTTC who are a little more expensive than the likes of VF but in over a year since signing up with them I have had zero down time. So you do get what you pay for with an ISP.



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Thanks @MarkE19 Similar price (without the current £75 carrot - but that's not a deal breaker) so it's on the shortlist.

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