Vodafone contract question


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Just spoken to them, I've had my 4S since October 2011 and it runs out in April 2013.

I've started to notice my Vodafone coverage slowly getting worse so decided to speak with them.

I just asked if I'm able to downgrade my tariff as I'm paying alot for the service I'm getting. I was then told, I'm unable to downgrade tariff during my MCP, yet I've never had this problem with networks before.

I was then told this was in the terms and conditions of the contract.

Can anyone confirm this for me?

Thanks in advance,



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I would start with getting some accurate records of the poor coverage and noting times and places.

Then look at talking to the Ombudsman

You're not ex VF are you? BTW


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VF -- Vodafone

I used to know someone called Dave Cox who I worked with at Vodafone a few years back.


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I don't work in retail, and find dealing with that side things a pain myself.

I work on the data networks, not even the radio.

I can't see you getting a drop in tariff at all, if you managed anything, it would be getting out of the whole contract, if you could show that the product you were sold (including network coverage) wasn't fit for purpose.
That won't be easy to do, you could compare your coverage with the network coverage map, but the one available to customers isn't as good as the Vodafone internal ones, and I couldn't copy these without getting the sack.
You could also try the following when making your readings, and recording them, as you'll get proper info that can't be argued with.
The more work you do, and put togther, the more likely they are to listen to you, and accept you're not going to be fobbed off.
Once you have it all together, take it to the store, and if you get no joy, then ask for the contact details of Srini Gopalan consumer director, or Stefan Langkamp Customer operation director, and pass it on to them.

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Get their technical team to see whether there is a problem with their mast mate. I live in the Uxbridge area and know that VF are having issues with their masts where there is intermittent signals.

I am with Giffgaff and know that even O2 are having issues with their masts in the area, which is being worked on for the fix.

If you use twitter, tweet vodafone's twitter feed and ask them whether there are any problems with their masts in your area.

Just an idea that I wanted to share.

I hope this helps mate.



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