Vodafone broadband and CCTV problem


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not sure if this is in the right place but, I just switched from Sky to Vodafone (cheaper and faster ) but..I had a CCTV set up before which would replay on my TV. That still works fine but I also had Smarteyes set up on my mobile devices so I can view from my phone/tablet. This no longer works since I changed broadband supplier, when I try to connect I get the error..'connecting error', . I have an ethernet cable running from the Vodafone router to my video recorder, as I had with my Sky router., but obviously something has changed and I don't know how to fix it. Maybe the IP address etc ? I've tried a web search but tbh I'm baffled..do I need to change the device set up or something via the CCTV menu. on my video recorder ?


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What router do you have now compared to your sky router?

Sky router model?

Virgin router model?

I suspect it might be down to DDNS not being set on the the new router.


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Yes I know that, as I read your post #1. :rolleyes:

My question was asking you to confirm the exact model of your old Sky router and your new Vodafone router, if you want help that is. :)


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Ah, misunderstood what you were saying there...Not everyone reads the posts properly, including me now it seems...

Anyway the Sky router was model no.ER110 (that's the only number on the box) A Sky Q hub..dated 2015.

The Vodafone router is model no THG3000 (made in Vietnam) described as Vodafone Vox 3.0


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I just switched from Sky to Vodafone
Having changed provider it will have certainly changed the router external IP address.
The external address is what you would have used for SmartEyes.
Did you just input the address directly or did you use some form of dynamic DNS ?
You will also have to open the various ports on the firewall as well on the new router.

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