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Vodafone today announces the latest addition to its range of Vodafone live! exclusive handsets and the first mega-pixel camera phone for GSM networks - the Sharp GX30. The new phone follows the Sharp GX10, GX10i and the GX20, some of the best-selling handsets in the Vodafone live! range.

The state-of-the-art Sharp GX30 comes with a built-in CCD camera capable of taking one million-pixel high-quality images, the first of its kind in Europe. For the first time on GSM networks, Vodafone customers will be able to take photographs suitable for print out and eliminate the need to carry a separate digital camera. Additional new features include a unique 262,144 colour large-sized LCD screen (four times the quality of the GX20), a removable SD memory card for greater storage and easy transfer, as well as an MP3 player, enabling customers to play their favourite music tracks on their handset.

Peter Bamford, Chief Marketing Officer, said, "The Sharp GX30 is a clear example of how Vodafone is using its global scale and scope to deliver the latest mobile technology to its European customers. By operating as a global team, Vodafone can deliver a phone like the Sharp GX30 - a phone that is packed with all the latest features, has a great design, yet is still easy to use. By expanding the customer proposition through handset innovation, Vodafone is creating a richer and broader service platform from which to drive revenue growth."


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Pity its got an aereal but other that it sounds pretty damn class. Any ideas of a release date?
Its a shame that this phone will not come out on Orange.

Whats the reception like on Vodaphone?

Where i live in South Wales Orange are by far the most popular network.
Damn, and I was just about to go ahead and buy a GX20. Trying to keep up with the latest mobile phone technology is getting worse than PC's.
Perhaps you should wait for the Dbtel M8, possibly the world's best GSM phone announced so far (although there might be something incredible announced at next week's 3GSM Conference).

Currently scheduled for a late May launch in China and Taiwan.


Band mode:
GSM 900 / 1800
Main: 262000 color TFT 240x320 2.2" (QVGA)
Sub : 65000 color OLED 96x64 1.2"
Standard Features
For memory-16MB standard
(512MB / 1G for option)
SDIO-Wireless LAN, GPS
CMOS 0.3M/1.3M Camera for video
Video- Video recording, Playing
Stills- Picture editing, MMS sending
MP3 / MPEG4 playing / Video & Voice recording
Two way voice recording
Background MP3 music while calling
Download through HTTP
FM radio
Bluetooth / IrDA / USB interface
JAVA Application / Download / Embedded games
GPRS Class 10 / WAP 1.2.1
40 / 64 Polyphonics with 2 stereo speakers
3D Animation screen saver / wallpapers


To give you an idea of price, the slightly lesser specified OKwap S762 currently retails for the equivalent of about £210 (sim-free). The S762 is a similar spec to the GX30, albeit only with a 300K pixel resoltuion camera, although it has a touch screen which neither the Sharp nor the Dbtel have.
Just to clarify, the Dbtel is actually 1.3M pixel for still camera photos and 300k pixel for video. The website's description is misleading, but I have confirmation that this is the case.

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