VMC compatible USB IR dongle for Harmony 785?


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Does anyone know of a VMC compatible USB IR dongle that will work with a Harmony 785? I'm guessing I could buy a MCE remote/IR receiver combo and throw the remote away and use the dongle with that.

I would prefer a small dongle like what comes with Logitech mice, rather than a box on a cable.

Also, does the Harmony 785 reqire exact line of sight with the receiver, or would it be like a TV where you just need to point it in the general direction (just wondering if using a small USB IR dongle would work that well).



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IR needs line of sight. Some have better tolerance than others but generally speaking you need to point in the right-ish direction.

It all depends on where you intend to site the receiver. If you placed it under or next to the TV then it should work OK.

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