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Did anybody watch MTV's VMA Awards at the weekend?

What a load of crap!!

Pity all the artists supposedly playing/singing "live" didn't!
The crappy multiple voice-overs!
The stupid "moon" things before every award!
Endless adverts.....
That unfunny **** Jimmy Fallon, or whatever the hell his name his!

Good points....good to see Guns 'n' Roses playing again.....ok, well Axl Rose and a bunch of nobodies!

But where was the requests bit.....only played 3 tracks...well 60 seconds of each one...

Rambo John J

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I watched it. P Diddy Piddly (or whatever he calls himself these days) was a joke with his mimed "best performance of the show". I liked it when he kept trying to talk to the audience and the mike wasn't working.
I thought G'n'R were terrible. Axl can't hold the notes, or even reach them anymore (looked like he's put on a few pounds too, but then I guess he must be around 40 now), and his Marilyn Manson reject band just looked like a collection of metal wannabes, and they couldn't make up their minds if they wanted to play the songs properly or if they should try and industrialise them a bit.
Christine Aguillera (is that right) looked like a Hollywood hooker, Shakira looked nice, but the whole thing was the usual "let's award the flavour of the month again" like every other awards show.
Boy, did The Hives blow:rolleyes:

Then we get the Euro ones in a couple of months. I suppose that means Robbie Williams will clear up.


I skimmed through a taped version of the show, and I was appalled. Not at all the stuff already mentioned, but at the MTV crew's response to Guns n Roses. I thought the band was dead on, and really managed to recreate the old songs. But Axl (the only original member left) was just horrible. It sounded like somebody trying to sing like Axl Rose at Karaoke.

That in itself was bad, but I could live with it. What ******ed me off was how all the hosts gushed about what an amazing set it was. Now I know MTV isn't exactly a bastion of unbiased journalism, but would it have killed one of them to tell the truth?

Course, in a month's time, once the GnR reunion has disappeared, MTV will be the first ones to dredge up the VMA appearance, and show all their "talent" saying just how bad it was. Pity they didn't have the balls to say it when it happened.


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Glad to see it wasn't just me!!

And to think MTV have the nerve to repeat it just about every day for a week!!

Didn't Axl Rose pinch the drummer from Nine Inch Nails, guitarist from The Perfect Circle.....and as for Buckethead, can't remember where they dragged him up from....

And if i remember right, Axl is 41 now....and judging by his waist line spent the last 10 years eating pies!

Will we ever see the new album, reportadly spent over $10million on it, recorded over 50 tracks and gone through numerous "guests" on the unreleased/unfinished album!!


Yeah, Axl's prorities for being a Rock-God are messed up. He's got the "alienating all your friends, and firing your band-mates" down pat, but he should have died from a heroin overdose years ago.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Another lost rock martyr who died well after his time. ;)

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