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We currently have a Virgin Media Super-Hub, but am looking to extend Wi-Fi coverage to a small building / man-cave in our garden that contains a TV etc. Initial approach is to hard wire (via a Cat 5 cable) from the virgin router in the house across and direct into a Smart TV.

However we would also like to utilize Wi-Fi in there as well (general browsing / Spotify etc, but am after some advice re: what we should be connecting into / out of. A friend has advised that the Cat 5 should go into a switch box and then subsequently into the TV, but I'm not sure what next?

TP links (in the outside building have been suggested), but there are lots of different options and we simply want to provide some type of access point that our phones can connect to for example?

Could anyone suggest the best approach here and specific piece of kit to help connect? I did read somewhere that certain devices aren't compatible with Virgin?

Due to the distance involved I do not want to go via the VM Intelligent Wi-Fi booster path due to the on-going cost each month and I'm not confident this would work, hence the hard wire approach.

Apologies for the long-winded request, but tech isn't my thing and all a bit of a mine-field.

Any help / advice appreciated.



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Most routers have a AP mode which will give you extra Ethernet ports and WiFI. As the area isn't big any of the lower end models should be fine. If you want to go with TP Link then Archer C6 is currently £40 on Amazon. Not the fastest but should be fine.

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