VM Security Have Cancelled Me!!


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About a month ago I recieved a letter from VM to say that I had a trojan on my system that was sending out unauthorized emails. It was totally condesending and advised me on keeping up to date with Windows Update & installing Norton, otherwise they would terminate my service.

I always update, and the day I use Norton will be a cold day in hell. Avast has kept all my PCs working well for many years. I have 4 PCs on my home network running constantly. They didnt even give me an IP address so I can track it down. Never the less I ran checks on all my systems and made sure my firewalls were all up.

Yesterday I find out my net has been suspended by VM security department.

I had to leave a message so they could get back to me.

They havnt


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Firstly, they wouldn't need to give you an IP address as if they've detected it coming from a pc on your network, it's in your property connected via your modem. They can't pin down which pc it is exactly for you via IP as that bit's done by your router.

Firewalls and updates are one thing, but if one of your pcs has picked up a worm that's emailing copies of infected viruses from your pc, simply having these things on would be ineffective as the virus infection is already there on the system, however it manged to get on there.

Have your Avast scans turned up any viruses? Have you tried a free antivirus with some clout like AVG Antivirus to see if it's perhaps something with Avast is incapable of detecting at this moment in time? And when accessing any of the email clients that are set up on each pc, have you noticed any running slowly or returning undeliverable msgs?

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