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Hi Guys,

I was hoping I could pick your brains quickly about cabling for my new house I'm building. The tackers are closing up this week and I really want to run some cables before they are let loose insulating and plasterboarding .

I'm planning on laying some coax for VM boxes in 5 locations within the house and also Freeview in 8 locations and also a single Sky Q cable for a main box.

I think I've got to run RG59 or RG6 for the VM runs, is there a preference between the two? The prices are very similar at TLC

RG59 is 16.50 per 100m
RG6 is 17.00 per 100m

Can I use the RG59 or RG6 for cabling the freeview runs up to an aerial in the top floor?

I'm thinking of running a single cable to the roof for a Sky Dish also, can I this use RG59 or RG6 same cable also?

Can I use this Quadplexed Outlet Euro Module - Screened - White as a single faceplate in multiple locations?
In one place it would have 1xSkyQ 1xVM 1xFreeview connected
In four places it would have 1xVM 1xFreeview connected
In three places it would have just 1xFreeview connected
= 1 x Sky
= 5 x VM
= 8 x Freeview

Thx in advance for all the help.



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You'd want RG6 inside the building for Virgin, but RG6 is a term that covers a wide range of cables and usually refers to cheap coaxial. You'd be better advised to use HD100 for cable or WF100 for both Virgin Media cable and SKY satellite. There's theoretically no reason why this cannot also be used for Freeview. Note that each would require their own feed though and you cannot convey the signals associated with all three of them via the same cable. THe wall plate you use is simply a connection between the coax and doesn't modulate or process the signal. You'd be best advised not to use too many of these if not wanting to degrade the signal, but there's no reason not to use the one you link to either.

I'd also ask Virgin as to whrther or not they will actually install more than 2 boxes? They tend to limit most households to 2 boxes.

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