VM Broadband with Sky Q TV!


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Guys, I'm thinking of changing my Broadband supplier of Sky to VM but would like to keep the Sky Q TV service. Can anyone say definitively that this will work or is there bound to be conflicts between the two companies?

I currently only get about 23Mb with their Fibre, which is pretty pedestrian by todays standards, where as VM is available at 4 times that in our area. I love the TV that Sky Q provides and would be reluctant to move away from them for the picture quality alone.

I have a Sky engineer coming in a couple of weeks to see if the stability to my Mini box can be improved, i think they may be talking about hard wiring to the main hub! If it isn't any better or I'm not happy with speed i think I'll look to move the broadband to VM.

I just wanted to know if that's possible and basically will it work? and will it be easy to set up? I would imagine that if i ever get any issues, the company will no doubt blame the other.

Thanks in advance.


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I may be worth exploring whether your issues with SkyQ are a facet of your local Wi-Fi infrastructure or your ISP link, Reason being that, if it's a local Wi-Fi issue, changing ISP will make no difference (and vice-versa.)


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I live in an area where there’s a mixture of VM & Sky isp. It’s on a normal suburban housing estate. I’m unable to get the Sky faster bb due to the cable, but VM became available a year or two back down our street after they were laying their cable..


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Yep it will work fine, I have sky q and Virgin broadband. Can only get around 40Mbps via Openreach so it’s a no brainier for me. Virgin broadband works out cheaper with a phone line from them too.

I would recommend hardwiring your sky mini though if it’s on the edge of the signal. Also it won’t do the mesh thing with Virgin bb.


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Yeah, same - I have sky Q TV and virgin broadband and works fine. I have all the sky Q boxes connected via ethernet round the house.

My parent's house has the same virgin + sky Q but no ethernet to use. For them, I bought some eero wifi mesh boxes from amazon (which owns eero) and put one next to the virgin hub (on modem only) and then one next to each sky Q box and then physically connected each eero via ethernet to each sky Q box. I found this was a foolproof solution with no dropouts (reliability was primary need for the folks place as they will struggle to do tech troubleshooting). The eero is a far better mesh wifi than the the SkyQ boxes which I found woeful (I dabbled with Sky broadband a few years ago for this sky wifi mesh and found it poor).


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I use SKy Q and Virgin broadband. For abour 4 years I used the Q mini boxes on powerline (its built into them) and generally worked ok. Last summer, my lockdown project was to hardwire them all which has improved things but it can be done both ways. Don't let Sky scare you into believing you have to have their broadband/router to have a working Sky Q system!

Ross Martin

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Sky Q and Virgin Broadband work. However, if you are going for a business line with a Static IP address Sky Go will not work on Apple Devices.

I have this issue and Sky confirmed that this is an issue with the Sky Go app that they will NOT be fixing.

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