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Hi all, just a quick query re some techie stuff I am not totally in the know about.

I currently pay £43 a month for VM 350MB broadband. I have recently signed up to O2 and have just come off a WhatsApp chat with VM support to get my Volt benefits applied - they are not showing on my account yet but I am hopeful they have done what they said they would do and upgraded me to 500MB free of charge.

My question really is around the speed and best setup for this.

I currently have a Superhub 3, I have wifi turned off on this and have a Tenda mesh system in place which seems to work well in terms of coverage - the devices I have are the Tenda Nova MW6-3 model.

Like all of you, I have loads of devices in the house, all connect fine but I am curious about speeds. Apologies if these are some really basic questions!

  • Do I need a newer SuperHub? During the WhatsApp chat they said an engineer was booked to come next week to check the hub and replace if needed.
  • Do the Tenda wifi devices I have restrict the speed I should be getting in anyway?
  • I currently have a PCIe wifi card in my PC - the model is (Archer T5E | AC1200 Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.2 PCIe Adapter | TP-Link United Kingdom) - will this in anyway be restricting the speed I get?
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- Superhub 3 is fine for up to 600mb. Actually it supports 1gb as well but VM seem to insist on a Superhub 4 for the 1gb service.

- Its unlikely the Tenda will be anymore of a bottleneck then it is now. If you aren't maxing your speed to any specific device its not suddenly going to get faster. If you are maxing your speed then you may notice that you don't the full additional bandwidth AC1200 in theory goes up to 867mb though I suspect you aren't getting the full 350mb already.

- Same as above,


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I am on the 1GB speeds and they sent me a SH4 as the SH3 does not support the 1GB speeds

I am running the SH4 in modem only mode and have a Tenda AC15 running the Fresh Tomato firmware and can confirm on hard wired I get around 950 mn/sec speed, doubt I will get such speed on wifi

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