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Help!! ok i installed vlc , went in no problem according to the guide posted on here.
Problem is , how do i get it to see my divx files i have on dvd???
If i boot in ps3 then it sees them as unsupported files.
Then i boot in linux and i cant see the files at all :confused:

do i have to download a driver for the dvd drive?

man this a steep learning curve:(


If you want to look at files on a dvd you can do the following:

1) Open a terminal
2) Switch to root user
[[email protected] ~]$ su
Password: <enter root password>
3) Create a mount point (you only need to do this once).
[[email protected] user]# mkdir /mnt/dvd
4) Now mount the disc (make sure it's in the drive)
[[email protected] user]# mount /dev/dvd /mnt/dvd

You can now see the contents of the inserted disc by opening a file browser (or using the vlc one) and navigating to /mnt/dvd.

5) You won't be able to remove the disc without dismounting it first, which you can do with:
[root[email protected] user]# umount /dev/dvd

Not sure how to get auto mounting to work (even if it's possible with the ps3 drivers), but you should be able to add a line to /etc/fstab with suitable permission to enable mounting without being root user.

Anyway, hopefully that'll at least get you started.

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