Vizio Soundbar SB46514-F6. Please Help.


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Hi Guys:

I was hoping you could help me. I bought this for the bass and the 32lb woofer. I know its just a soundbar set-up, but Ive noticed something that seems like would be a decent-sized problem.

Now, first off, theres plenty of bass that does sound good.

But there are certain blu-rays that when certain frequencies are played, I get a sputtering/fluttering sound from the woofer.

Even with 0 subwoofer bump, and only on volume 28-31 out of 100 i hear it on a track like underworld awakening.

Im guessing its frequency-related and its the lower frequencies that are causing the problem. This is just a guess.

It just seems odd, however, that there are certain frequencies you can jack the woofer up to +10 and it doesnt do the sputtering/fluttering. But then. there are other tracks in which you here the sputtering with 0 subwoofer bump or just 1 or 2.

Im not sure sputtering/fluttering is the right description. Im trying to think of other appropriate terms, but wobbly and sputtering/fluttering come to mind.

As I mentioned above, i totally get its just a soundbar sub, but it just seems odd that it would act like that even when not overpowering it.

Theyre sending me a new one; but is there really any hope the new one will perform better?

Finally, if the new one doesnt perform any differently, should I try another soundbar subwoofer? This is the biggest one they have; so would it be reasonable to think a smaller sub would completely get rid of sputtering/fluttering on blu-ray tracks?

Im really not sure what to do. I guess first step is to see how the new one performs. But, if there's no improvement, what do you guys suggest; just deal with it or try a smaller soundbar sub?

Btw, do any of you have this model, and have you experienced anything similar with regard to the sputtering/fluttering?

Have any of you soundbar with sub owners ever experienced the sputtering/fluttering im experiencing?

Thank you very much guys - I truly appreciate your help and advice.

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