Vizio SmartTV - Buyer Beware!


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I purchased a Vizio E50-D1 SmartTv in March 2017 because of reviews on picture quality and the fact it was backlit in 12 different zones.

Unfortuantely the box nor the display showed the remote and I didn't know what a "SMART" TV was. The research I did not seem to indicate it is basically for casting.

The TV was planned to be used with an Antenna Only - no cablebox, or casting services.
The TV does NOT have an on-screen menu and the remote is limited -- no channel # buttons and only the ability to adjust volume and cycle through ALL channels with a toggle bar on the remote.

ViZIO has shifted the cost of the remote to the consumer by requiring them to use their cell or tablet and download VIZIOs Smartcast App. Review of the latest upgrade of the Vizios Smartcast App is POOR at best.

After purchase, and discussions with VIZIO customer service I was led to believe a firm upgrade would occur with the possibility of an on-screen menu and also a remote with buttons that could be purchased separately. Customer service now informs me no upgrades and remote are going to occur for this TV.

Like others have noted, I have also experienced 3 times where the TV has experienced no sound and then shutoff. There is a software reset for this using the buttons on the back of the TV which does allow it to function again. My mother, who uses the TV, somehow switched it from English to French or the TV did it by itself. Even more odd is some things are in French -- e.g. No Signal - while the TV programming still shows in English. Again customer service provided a workaround - complete factory reset - but the instructions did NOT work and my guess is one needs VIZIOs App to accomplish this fully.

Customer service also informs me that "IF" the VIZIO TV is connected to the internet, that VIZIO is able to locate and manipulate the TV anytime they want. This allows firmware upgrades but leaves the consumer NOT in control over whether they wish an upgrade or NOT.

Based on the above I am NOT a happy customer. Whether industry is forcing the public to go SMART in order to generate more revenue is unknown. In the US we still have free TV -- I have 46 channels to choose from -- and don't anticipate doing CASTING or cable any time soon since it is a paid service.

As some of you may remember, when cable first came out we were promised No Commercials to get one to switch. That didn't last long, and my guess is casting will follow the same course in order to generate as much revenue as possible.
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Didn't realize not sold in UK. VIZIO was originally a US brand but my understanding is a Chinese brand now. So may be marketed in UK in near future. However, all other comments IMO apply to TVs marketed as SMART (ability to connect to internet) and may help someone looking for a new TV..


From what I heard last the takeover of Vizio by LeEco was withdrawn. This thread reminds me of another about someone returning an LG because they upgraded the software version and he didn't agree to the new terms of the license agreement.

Problem is nowadays you can't get a good TV without smart functions. For ease of use and functionality here I would recommend Panasonic, but they aren't sold in the North America like Vizio aren't in Europe!

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