Wanted Vizio GV47L FHDTV10A (for a new LCD panel)

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    Hi, I was recently given a Vizio GV47L FHDTV10A, but unfortunately, the screen cracked during transport. It's a model from 2007, but it still had a great picture, so I'd rather not just throw it away. If anyone happens to have this model, preferably in non-working order but with an intact screen so I don't have to disassemble a perfectly good TV, please post it here. If anyone happens to have the LCD panel just sitting around gathering dust (not likely, but worth a shot), the model of the LCD panel is an LG.Philips LC470WU4-SLA1 - 47" 1080p. Also, if anyone has a TV that uses this same LCD panel and has an intact screen, I'm interested.

    I already know that finding an LCD panel to use as a replacement is troublesome and often costs the same or more than buying a new TV, so no comments about that, please. That's why I'm looking for used/non-working set for relatively cheap with an intact screen so I can perhaps salvage the one I have.

    If no one has this model for sale but needs parts for one of their own, I may be interested in selling the parts individually from my set. Everything from the TV is in perfect working order besides the LCD panel, so let me know if any of those components would be useful. The TV came with removable speakers designed for the set with 5-pin DIN cables, but I'm not sure if they'd work or fit on another model. The only other part numbers I know are the master and slave backlight inverters - 6632L-0392A and 6632L-0393A respectively, but again, every other part in the TV works. If you need a part, I can open the TV back up and look for a model number or post pictures. Thanks!

    Location: West Lafayette, IN, USA

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