Vivid Vtb100 Progressive Scan Scaler



Does any body have any experience of the above.
My Pro-V finally bit the dust (keeps blowing power supplies).
I have found the above which fits my needs perfectly.
I.e. it has input for Composite, S-Video and more importantly
Componant (Pioneer 565).
Now the problem. I am currently running an LG plasma TV.
There are some known issues with some scalers and VGA converters (Something to do with scan freqency). My old ProV worked very well however, allbeit with only S-Vid in.

Cheers for any help


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From memory, the LG's don't work well with the Iscan's, but Lumagen's seem OK.

I bought my Iscan Ultra from a chap on another forum after it didn't work with his LG - he now has a Lumagen. PM me if you are keen to chat to him and I will ask him to get in touch...




I've just purchased a Vivid VTB100 scaler, but I'm afraid my experiences with it weren't very positive, and I'll be returning it next week to

I'm using it between a Pioneer DV-575 and an CMV1515 15" LCD monitor. To begin with the scaler would not accept the de-interlaced progressive feed from the component outs on the Pioneer. Just got a blue flickering screen instead, or - sometimes - two identical pictures side by side!!

Switching to interlaced helped. The resolution wasn't great - the picture appearing a tad blurry. Colour rendition was rather poor as well. It looked like a bad pal to NTSC conversion! No 'punch' to the picture. I also got a slight bit of image blur on fast moving objects as well, and sometimes some interference.

Reading this forum has been a tad depressing - I didn't realise you have to spend insane sums to get a decent picture from a scaler? Perhaps I'm better off using my PC to output DVD to my 15" monitor? Incidently I'll be using the monitor for th eheart of a lumenlab projector project (

If anyone has any other ideas on simply how to get decent quality out fo my 15" monitor via a stand-alone DVD player I'd like to know. Would it be worth buying a DVD player with a VGA out socket maybe?


- John

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