Viva Pinta £19.99


Can't add the item to the basket, "This product is not currently available. Please check back later ". Looks like a lot of people have been ordering this one.


Woolworths did this before with Call of Duty 3, it was a mistake and they changed the price back to £40 unfortunatley :rolleyes:
did they honor the orders at the lower price?

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Viva Pinata is the only game i've asked for at christmas but i won't be playing it until i have completed some more of the games i have. 8 so far


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should I keep the order? . .email confirmation says 39.99 but when I click my account at it says 19.99 store collect?


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should I keep the order? . .email confirmation says 39.99 but when I click my account at it says 19.99 store collect?

Keep the order - Argue the price if an when you get it. Keeps screenshot/PDF's of the £19.99 price screen and your online order which states time/price etc..

Worse case, you return it and get a refund.


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:thumbsup: Just reading on another forum with somone where phoned up to query the email price. They were also told
I rang them and they said to disregard price on e-mail and confirmed i am being charged the £19.99
Confirm - I've just called them to query my delivery date 10 Jan (0870 3337111), and also asked if the price on my online order was the price I'm being charged, as my email confirmation was different. She asked what the email said and I told her £39.99 :eek: but I also said the email stated it didn't contain discounts and that I should check my online Account.

She then said she was checking my billing information and confirmed that I was being billed £19.99 but no payment would be removed until it became in stock.

Still no shift on the delivery date though - She even asked if it was a Christmas present and if I wan't to cancel. Eerrrr... No thanks, I'll make the kids wait :rotfl:

Looking good so far :smashin:


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Yeah, I got in at the £19.99 price - just- and have an email confirming. I've emailed Woolies for confirmation, but from comments above it's looking good.


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If all the e-mails are saying the total price is £39.99 what documents can you bring to proove the £19.99 price tag exactly?

Except a screenshot of the page:S
just spoken to them and they seemed eager to i will wait and see what happens! But they confirmed that the price to my card will be 19.99!

Is this game any good? Otherwise I will swap it in game for something else!

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I was in woolies (newquay branch) today and they had Viva Pinata Ltd. Ed. at £19.99 when purchased with another game. Maybe this is what was supposed to be on the web site. Anyway Rainbow Six:Vegas is £39.99 so i think both for £60 is still a bargain.

cheers, count

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