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Panasonic Viera E5 TV with Android tablet running remote app and Zyxel NSA310 running Twonky via network.
So far the only way I can get Milkdrop visualiser (or any other) to work on the TV is to connect my laptop running Winamp visualiser plugged into the VGA socket of the TV.
It works.
It is awkward to control and is only really using the TV as a laptop screen.
Surely I am behind the times and there must surely be a better way, perhaps streaming the visualiser via the Zyxel or some other way on the network.

So far attempts to stream are limited to actual video 'files' not live video.

Any suggestions on any of these issues please?


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Doesn't work like that I'm afraid, streaming media is just a media player accessing the media nothing more. Many TV chipset also lack a proper GPU built into the chipset which is needed for OpenGL powered visualizations.

There is also no Android equivalent of Apple Airplay mirroring (which needs an AppleTV too). There is a open standard in the works called Miracast but it could be a long time before that becomes part of Android and the hardware in your tablet may never be suitable as these display mirror technologies are reliant on a hardware video encoder built into the chipset which not all chipsets have. To top it off Panasonic would also have to support Miracast.

What can you do now
1) Get an Android HDMI stick*
2) Install XBMC on it.
3) Install XBMC Android remote on tablet to control it, one also tailored for music.
4) Enjoy visualizations.

That's a gross over simplification but in due time that should work out and give you a neat media centre better than anything the TV could come up with.

The XBMC software for Android is still in alpha not even beta so very unstable. Also the Milkdrop visualization is present but not enabled in these very early builds so you cant select it from XBMC visualiser selection menu. There are 2 enabled the stock OpenGL and waveform visualiser which both work.

* This is one is fairly common, there is also this one which doesn't need an adapter cable it comes with HDMI male plug at the end. There are some cheaper ones mentioned in that review but XBMC may not well run on those.

Also video decoding isn't supported on All Winner A10 chipsets the chip used in those two sticks though it's hoped it might be enabled in the future but there are no guarantees.


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Many thanks for that evaluation. I have never come across the HDMI stick and it sounds promising (a pc on a stick). I am heartened and will investigate your suggestion.

EDIT: Is there an Android tablet that would do the same via HDMI out and a cable to TV HDMI in?
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You can do it with your own tablet if it has a video output. Grab XBMC apk file from over here and install.

There are many tablets which have HDMI output but rather than buying a tablet the HDMI stick would be a cheaper path and using the tablet remote to control XBMC is a much more slick approach.


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Most deliver internationally, that's how I got my hands one : )

The Cubies hacker shop was very reliable and helpful. There is also Rikomagic which are UK based, same design as the Miniland MK802.
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