Visualhub 1.34 for Mac - willing to send a copy?

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Does anyone have a copy of the install files that they could send me? It's been discontinued. Procrastination gets the better of me, again.

I'm happy to make good whatever it costs you to send a CD, but if someone's able to host the installer on the web for a bit, that'd be even better.

Yours ever-hopefully,


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I have 1.33.1

Click on update and I get this

this isn't an actual update - it was the best way to send a message to all VisualHub users)
Development of VisualHub has been discontinued.
VisualHub will continue to work for you as it always has, but there will be no future improvements.

Here are directions on how to properly back up VisualHub for safe-keeping, as new downloads are no longer available:
How to Back Up VisualHub

...After much soul-searching (it's not you, it's me), for personal reasons, Techspansion is closing its virtual doors.
The Support Forum and Support E-mail will be available for a while longer to take care of any remaining issues for you.

Thanks for all your support.

Click the "Skip This Version" button to dismiss this message.

I have the 1.33.1 install file

Its 5.1mb do you want me to mail you the file or yousendit?

Let me know


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Great - thanks very much. Looks like I just didn't try hard enough. I'll check this out when I get home - hopefully it's v1.34 (looks hopeful).

Thanks again,

It is 1.34

Your welcome

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I've downloaded from the link above. But damn, registration keys aren't being sold any more (developer says he can't sell what he no longer support, with good conscience).

If anyone's feeling generous, feel free to PM me.


damm i can't get this this work with leopard. i get this error message

[flv @ 0x6100a0]Unsupported video codec (7)
[flv @ 0x6100a0]Unsupported audio codec (a)
[flv @ 0x6100a0]Unsupported video codec (7)
[flv @ 0x6100a0]Unsupported video codec (7)
[flv @ 0x6100a0]Unsupported video codec (7)
[flv @ 0x6100a0]Unsupported video codec (7)

etc etc

any ideas?

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