Visual Juddering on DV27A


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Has anyone experienced much juddering on motion pans with this player? I'm aware that these are never perfect, but think they should be less noticeable on a player such as this.

I've noticed this most of all with visual pans in films, and also of Queens Greatest Video Hits II.

On this disc, juddering is quite visible at the following bits :-

(1) The circular rotating bit before it goes to the faces just after playing the disc.

(2) The opening shot of the A Kind of Magic, the building appears to be shaking from left to right.

(3) When it displays the title picture of most songs before it actually starts. A Kind of Magic and Princes of the Universe are most noticable for this.

On the DVD Contact, this movement/shimmering is also evident on the chapter selection page.

I am using the progressive output of the DVD player.

Any ideas?


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You could try setting it to PAL (instead of AUTO?) on the arcams menu. Maybe your projector is having trouble locking onto the source?



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Eventually found it!

Transpires the audio delay function for NTSC and PAL that comes with the latest firmware can result in this effect. Soon as i set the delay time to 0, it was absolutely fine.

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