Visual Glitches or Artifacts while playing TLOU2 on PS5! HELP!


Hello everyone,
Recently while playing The Last of Us 2 on PS5 I started noticing some very weird white lines appearing very rarely, then in a very specific location I started experiencing some red and green flashing squares that look like artifacts, it is specific to a kind of objects in the level (Ground Zero). I am very worried that this might indicate a problem with my PS5, and I honestly don't know what to do because we don't have PS support in my country. I have a 2 year warranty but still.. So far this is the only game that has glitched like this what do you think?

Here is a link with photos and videos to show you guys what I mean, sorry for the bad quality:



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Sorry, can't really offer any advice on it but I've played that game start to end on the PS5 & don't remember seeing anything like that.
me neither - was perfect on mine. If its the only game to do it so far I would download as many free demos etc as possible and test it out. if nothing else does it then its easier to live with

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