Vista Task Scheduler for sleep/wake events


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I am trying to get Vista to run a .bat command to turn my TV on/off as it wakes/sleeps from normal sleep mode or when powering on/off fully. I have an admin user and non-password protected "Media" user so the user log-on/log-off doesn't work since I need the TV on to select user etc.

Anyone have any good ideas?

Using event monitor I found a few events that occur at sleep and wake but for some reason they don't seem to work when I tie the bat file to them?


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Power settings will allow you to set whether you want your monitor to switch off or not. If this not good enough?


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It would be if my LCD TV (as this is on my HTPC) paid any attention to that ;) but sadly it doesn't, hence the RS-232 serial control angle I am taking on it


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That is an interesting idea ... but my TV would still need interaction to wake it from standby and select the correct input so I think I still need to work out how to tie these actions to the correct events :(

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