Vista Media Center missing EPG info.. and other issues

Kotatsu Neko

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I've just got a new Vista equipped quad core system and have added a dual Freeview tuner to it so I can use it as a PVR. (streamed to my X360 connected to my HDTV).

It's working pretty well but I'm having trouble getting the EPG to populate all the channels. Annoyingly all of the BBC channels have no guide listings at all, and I'm also missing ITV 1 & 2 (although curiously not ITV 2+1!). I've tried forcing it to update and adding listings to the channels manually but nothing seems to be working.

I've also found that it's not always recording entire programmes, which can be pretty annoying when it's supposed to have recorded a movie only to find it's stopped half an hour before the end!

The other weird curio is the X360 will sometimes not be able to find a channel, so it will just black screen for a while then say 'no TV signal'. On the PC however, all is well and the channel in question (which is usually BBC FOUR for reasons I cannot fathom) will work fine.

Any ideas on these issues chaps? Mostly I'd just like the EPG to properly populate, as it's impossible to set up recordings without it.



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Which TV Tuner are you using?

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