Vista: is it worth increasing RAM


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I have a new build HTPC which is running fine, currently running 2Gb of OCZ special ops edition RAM on Vista 32 bit.

As RAM appears to be dirt cheap atm I was debating if it was worth acquiring a further 2x 512Mb matched banks of RAM of similar timings to bring the total upto 3Gb.

At the minute the machine is only used as a HTPC (SD) and a bit of surfing. Longer term plans are a HD drive of some sort and a better graphics card when funds (and boredom - may then start a bit of gaming) allow.

Current spec:
P5N-E SLi MoBo
Geforce 8500 passive GPU - PCI-E
2x1Gb RAM
PCI-e x1 WiFi
tuners etc.
Any general opinions, worth it or not?


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If it's cheap enough for you, it certainly won't hurt to have more, IMO :)


NO! 1.5gb-2gb is the sweetspot for Vista. Anything over that and it's pure overkill and you can end up actually slowing the OS down, my friend did this.

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