Vista and DVI/HDMI connection


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Are there any know issues with this?

Tried to hook up my new lg 50pc1d plasma to my htpc - vga is fine, get 1:1 mapping :thumbsup:

Thought I know lets try that dvi to HDMI lead i have knocking around. Ahh my 6600gt has twin DVI, so let's try dual screen to a/b.

Windows loaded the default windows driver saying that my Nvidia driver does not support dual drivers, now guess this maybe true of the vista drivers. So just hooked up the dvi and rebooted.

Now I get the boot screen and the windows 2006 loading page then nothing.

Any ideas out there? Please tell me i don't have to fix the res somewhere in windows.

Cheers Dangerous Dave


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Thanks for all those replies - just to sumarise to save you trawling through pages, look like the consensus of opinion is this is a "can of worms" :oops: :rotfl: :confused: :rolleyes:

may stay with VGA till i get a HDMI gfx card or roll back to a non vista.


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It is definately Vista, so driver issue.

Did a complete clean install at the weekend of normal MCE, this time on a Sata II drive.

The dvi/hdmi only allows for 1280x720 though so no native res - 1:1, this does make non mce functions look not so clear as the 1:1 via vga as screen is scaled down.

Also in dvi mode you can not "move" the screen, as I like the desktop black with auto hide taskbar, this leaves a small blue line at the bottom of the screen.

Still way better than my 42 in plasma :smashin:

Now i'm on normal mce gonna try the xbox 360 as an extender again via component and vga.
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