Visonic PowerMaster33 + Powerlink3 - lost Panel - keeps looping on update

I've been hiting my head against the wall for several days now.
With my PowerMaster33-Powerlink3, I have a panel (KP-250) to control it.
A week ago, I decided to set the clock correctly, because of daylight saving time (summer time => winter time).
The User configuration menu on the keyboard went well, and I saved the configuration.
And there, the nightmare began.
The panel keeps looping on the message "KP-250 MAJ" and the line below "<. >" "<.. >" "<... >" "<....>"
I thought this would take more time than usual, but after 24h of loop on this screen, I have doubts.
Then, I looked into the Visonic App. You can see the screenshots attached.

Here I see the panel is "offline" but I don't get why, and I don't know how to make it "come back".
This is anoying, because since, I cannot set the alarm active.
The powerMaster is in a closet, where nothing moves. So, I doubt there are issues with telephone cable or network cable.
I've unplugged them and plugged them again, nothing changed.
Any idea that would help me to recover this situation ?
My powermaster has been working fine for 3 years now, the batteries in the Panel looks good (normaly charged).
Thanks in advance !

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