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I recently installed a Visonic Powermaster-30 PG2 unit, to replace an old alarm system I had.
Install went smooth, but the headache is the configuration. :(

System has 21 sensors, 2 keyfobs (still waiting for more 2 sensors, siren and keypad). The other system I had, used GSM to report incidents / smartphone app to arm, disarm, a some simple configurations.

So, I bought the GSM modul, but I might had bought the wrong one. As I already confgured to report by GSM all events except open/close, and nothing happens. Sometimes I try to call from my phone into the card installed on the panel, and it´s online, but 90% of the times, isn´t. And usually the panel shows the yellow triangle with COMM Failure message. I had to deativate the land line, as he keep calling but with no message, or voice (maybe it´s normal that way).

Can anyone with experience in these units, help me?

Thank you so much, for any tip to shared experience.


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