Visonic Powermaster 10 - options for HOME arming with curtain sensors?


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I've a Visonic Powermaster 10 G2 wireless alarm system.

TLDR - is there a way to set up the system or accessories so that it sounds warning beeps in Home mode when a zone violation has happened, does not sound beeps when Home mode is being armed, this beeping is nice and loud, and this beeping comes from something inside the house other than the control panel?
My system;
Control panel is in a cupboard upstairs so that in the event of a break-in, it's not immediately obvious where the panel is, as long as the panel remains silent. Also upstairs because downstairs the mobile signal is poor, and it has the GSM module.

Wireless curtain PIR sensors, on all the doors and windows. To guard the perimeter when armed in HOME mode, for when we are asleep, or just at home in the evening.

I don't want to accidentally activate them in HOME mode and annoy the neighbours with the external siren, so need warning beeps on HOME mode zone violation.

However, I don't want warning beeps on HOME mode arming, as this will wake up the kids needlessly.

I have a KP160 keypad, which does have entry and exit beeps, but they are really quiet so it doesn't help. Does anyone know if the KP160 is supposed to have loud beeps, because these are super-quiet.

There are keyfobs. Also internal PIR sensors for AWAY mode - I don't think these are relevant here.


1. Set control panel to piezo beep on HOME entry only, which gives us a warning that the alarm will go off, but
(a) the panel cannot be heard everywhere in the house (so the person who has accidentally activated it might not realise it is beeping)
(b) I don't want the panel to be discovered in the case of a break in. I kind of don't mind if it beeps on entry in HOME mode, since we are at home, but I think the panel will also beep on AWAY entry, which is bad, and I cannot see an option to prevent that.

2. KP160 Keypad, but as I say it is too quiet.

3. Purchase an Internal siren and set up in hall downstairs. Apparently they support entry and exit beeps and should be nice and loud?
I don't know if the internal siren can be configured to warning beep on HOME mode violation only, and not on HOME mode arming - does anyone know?

4. Is there a way to only have the external siren go off only if the system is triggered in AWAY mode? And have the control panel siren go off for HOME mode only? That would mean that at least we don't annoy the neighbours with accidental HOME activations. But I don't see an option for that in the menu system.

5. Avoid annoying the neighbours at all costs. I suppose if all else fails, I will just have to deactivate the external siren, but that would be a last resort.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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Hi Raven,

I just read your post a couple of times, I am very experienced with Visonic and I am afraid that I cannot see any way on how to make this work exactly as you want.

The problem is with the zone types that your curtain sensors are using, I am guessing these are set to 'perimeter' zone type. As soon as the system is armed in either HOME or AWAY these will trigger the alarm.

The only zone type that is able to give you a sort of warning that the alarm is about to sound is the 'exit/entry1' or 'exit/entry2'.

As possible solution could be the following: first that you completely forget about HOME arming, change all the curtain sensors to 'interior' zone type and only using AWAY arming.
With this you can activate the 'chime' function on every curtain PIR. Also do not forget to set the disarm activity for every curtain detector to 'YES - no delay'. Otherwise the detector will go to sleep after some minutes, be aware that this will decrease battery life significantly. Keep in mind that this will be active all the time, so it is far from what you want but closest to it as far as I can think off.

The Chime sound can be coming from the panel or (if the panel firmware is high enough) from a additional internal siren.

Hopefully this helps :)

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