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afternoon all,

Decided i’m Going to spend 4/5 days in Berlin at the start of June. Currently in the early stages of planning.

Looking for info on hotels, public transport(i’ll Likely be getting the €30 7 day unlimited transport ticket on any means, (Max €37 euro for the entire city) and anything out of the obvious to go and see/visit.

I speak very basic German and will be looking to do touristy stuff. A mate has been recently so i’m getting some info from him, a girl from work is going next month, so again, I’ll get some info from her when she comes back. Will be flying from Stansted.

Cheers all!


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Fantastic place, been there four times. Clean, safe, inexpensive and welcoming. I’m currently looking at going back again.

Good call on the unlimited travel ticket. Don’t forget to frank your ticket daily on the train platform. The UBahn is brilliant - easy to understand, clean and not at all overcrowded.

I went there ‘cos of my interest in WW2 so plenty to see there. The Jewish Memorial is a must, the Reichstag is nearby (book to go up on the roof/dome, it’s well worth it), a walk from Brandenburg Gate down Unter Den Linden is worth doing. Checkpoint Charlie is worth about five seconds of your time. Berlin Wall Memorial is worth visiting.

Outside of the city, Sachsenhausen is a must and also the Wannsee Villa if you have interest in WW2.

The most interesting place we’ve been to in Berlin is the Hohenschonhausen Memorial.

Berlin-Hohenschönhausen Memorial - Wikipedia

It’s a bit of a hidden gem in Berlin. Fascinating to visit and easy to get to on the train/bus. You have to go around with a guide, English language tours daily. If you are very lucky, your guide might be a former prisoner. I’d really recommend you think about a visit if stuff like that interests you.
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Don't miss the new exhibition, " Rotters of the Reich "

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