Visionic Powermaster 10/30 communication to mobile phone


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I have a Visionic Powermaster 10/30 g2. It's less than 1 year old. I currently have a hardwired (analogue) telephone line connected to it so that it can ring the landline & divert the message to my mobile phone when the alarm goes off.

I don't use the analogue phone line for any other reason but for the diverting of the alarm communication. I would like to ditch the analogue line as it’s an unnecessary expense but I need to find a way to receive the alarm communication if my alarm was triggered whilst away.

I have read about Visonic's PowerLink3.1 and about Visionic Go app. To be honest, I’m so confused. Do I need any of these to achieve what I am looking for?

Can I connect my Visionic Powermaster 10/30 g2 system to a virtual landline to divert to my mobile or can I just get my alarm system to call my mobile directly?
Is a virtual landline the same as VOIP?

I appreciate I may need an engineer to set this up for me in the alarm unit but I really need to understand what is needed first. I have already asked two alarm engineers and they have no idea what I am talking about.

I hope someone can shed some light for me.

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Paula, you need a Powerlink 3 connected to a server and then use the app for notifications/ controlling
Thanks for replying.
If I ignore the app for now, can I easily programme my Powermaster 10 g2 panel to send notifications to my mobile phone instead of the hard wired analogue telephone line?


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Hi Paula,

You can program the PowerMaster to call any number, but it will need that landline in order to call out. Do you have the PowerMaster 10 or the PowerMaster 30? If you have the PowerMaster 10, this has the limitation that it cannot make any audio prompts when you get that alarm call, you will just hear the sound of a siren. With the PowerMaster 30 you can actually hear the zone number and name and the kind of alarm ( burglary, fire, medical etc etc).

If you consider buying the Powerlink 3 or 3.1, you have a bit more options. Please note that this is a module that requires a network cable from the panel to your router or switch for internet connectivity.

Visonic hosts a free to use server which you can program your panel to report to. Once you have your panel connected to that server you can use the app VisonicGo to connect to that same server and connect to your panel. From there onwards you will be able to arm/disarm, get notificatons in case of alarm, check the status of the panel etc.

Let me know what it exactly is what your trying to do and I will see if I can help you :)

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