"Vision" SPL Meter ok?


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Hi all

I'm looking at getting a SPL meter to setup my newly acquired Arcam AVR300 and Monitor Audio Radius surround speakers.:thumbsup:

I understand an SPL meter is pretty much essential to do this properly. I found this at about half the price of the Radio Shack "standard". Anyone know if it would do the job ok (seems to have sufficeint sensitivity etc...)




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I am not trying to be difficult :)

Various Hi-Fi retailers have assured me that no meter is any use, only ears work. I don't agree. Good meters give good results but you have to know how to interpret the results that they provide.

You have a good receiver (I am an Arcam dealer). A good sound pressure level meter will help you to set the channels to equal output. Sadly, the cheap SPL meters aren't too accurate. The Hi-Fi geeks have a point here, human ears are very accurate.

The Radio Shack meter costs about £30 and will get channel levels close to optimum. The Chinese meter that you have found is cheaper and may do the job but the specification worries me. There is a lot more to B and C weighting than just frequency response.

You have bought a really good AV receiver - that may have cleared out the budget. A Radio Shack meter / a Chinese clone shouldn't be your top priority. Use your ears to set the levels or if the budget allows get someone in to do the job properly - my meter was close to £2,000 and not without reason.

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