Vision IPTV on Samsung 46D8000


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Hi, been keeping an eye out on Channel 110 and on the following website VISION TV network regarding possible launch of the CCTV and Sport Direct channel. I can see from the TV guide that CCTV has broadcasting schedule. I was wondering if anyone has been able to pick up this service via their Samsung TV connected to the internet.

My Samsung 46D8000 is connected to the internet but each time I go to channel 111 or 111, it says the TV is not Freeview HD compatible? I called up Vision IPTV tech support this morning and they are streaming with no problems at their end. I gave details of my TV and the latest firmware - T-GAP8DEUC-1020.0 - tried again this evening with no luck?

Any ideas or comments on whether anyone is receiving the Vision IPTV Service? :thumbsup:


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Getting it (sporadically) on a DigitalStream PVR. Does 112 (sports tonight) work? I guess your smarttv apps (eg youtube) works OK?
Regards, Iain.


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Hi Ian, thanks for coming back. Had another go last night on channel 110, 111 and 112 with no success. I am wondering whether Samsung will release a firmware update to allow for the TV to accept streaming ID from VISION IPTV

Is there anyone else out there who has been able to get this to work on their Samsung Smart TV or on their Freeview HD PVR?


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Does anyone with a samsung D8000 television been able to get the VISION IPTV to work?, it would be great to know that our TV's are able to stream HD from Freeview?
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