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Vision 4230: mini review.


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If £1600 or so for a Panny is just too far over budget for you, but you can afford about £1k and want a 42" image, there's not many plasma choices for you.
As the Vision 4230 isn't usually found at your regular a/v retail stores these thoughts on its pq might be of use to anyone on a strict a/v budget.

For casual, day-to-day viewing of DVD's (don't have Sky in that room, yet) it is a very watchable picture, although noisier than my Pioneer 434.
Mrs. Drago and the dragoteens are perfectly happy with it, and as an a/v enthusiast I have been pleasantly surprised....it performs better than I expected it to.
Viewing distance is about 10 feet, any closer and you would just be made more aware of pq shortcomings....but then that's true of most 42"plasmas with sd material.

I was quite concerned for the first week or so about the amount of noise in the darker parts of scenes, however, in just the same way as the 434 did, over time (74hrs so far) this seems to be settling down (screen bedding-in??).
Via component, there is still some noise, but colours are pleasing and there aren't any obvious digital artifacts, except for a touch of solarisation (but you'd need to look for it) and motion isn't the smoothest but I've seen worse. But remember, these screens are available for around £1k. My Pio was £3,500.
BTW, faces don't show that waxy, plasticky look that plasmas sometimes fall down on.

A couple of points to be aware of, though:

1. Via component the panel does not accept 576p :mad: , and as far as the importer is concerned not NTSC 480p, either. Actually, it will display 480p, as I have found with 2 Pioneers and a Toshiba DVD player (perhaps the 60Hz is recognised as a pc timing?). The image really does have better colour saturation then, too.
The distributor told me they had hooked up a Cinemateq scaler via the VGA which worked well (sledgehammer to crack a nut, anyone?), so the 576p issue is presumably with the component input.

2. If you can output your PAL discs as NTSC 480p from your player (ie. current Pioneers) it will display that too, but on my screen there was visible chroma delay (seen as a 5mm shift to the left of the blue component).
This is easily corrected using the Chroma delay adjustment if you have a Pioneer player with "Video Adjust" function (mid to higher-end models like my 737, but not on my 575 :suicide: ).

I've also found the service menu, and that offers loads of scope for tweaking the image ;)

I'd still like to know if the JS RGB to VGA will work, though!



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