visible panel noise (vpn) on hs50


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has anyone else noticed this on the hs50...on some images mainly in background there appears to be some sort of ghosting/noise around characters...mainly noticable on animated dvd's shrek etc. i have my pj connected via component and got to loan a denon 1910 player and hooked up using hdmi to dvi. this improved the pq but the noise was still evident albeit not as bad. i went back to the shop where i viewed the shop pj, it was hooked up using hdmi to a pioneer 868 and again it was evident.

if you take shrek for example when shrek and donkey emerge from the field to go to the castle and fight in the tournament,if you look at the plants in the field as he emerges there is noise around the plants. it is not really noticable when sat at normal viewing distance but up close it is quite obvious.

i have previously posted a similar thread and have read on avsforums where VPN is mentioned and it is likened to a football pitch as the camera pans an area on the field appears the shimmer..

i would appreciate others to check shrek and other dvd's and see if they have the same may be down to my dvd player which is now 4 years old but i also find that the problem is also lessened when disabling DDE on picture settings. :lease:

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To be honest, my HS50 has gone back so I cannot comment on what you are seeing now. However, to be brutal, after the best part of two weeks ownership I feel that the 50 was/is a total let down.

Obviously I am swayed by the fact that my unit developed awful uniformity problems but the pixel alignment was poor, the on screen noise was bad and the focus was not good on the extreme side of the picture. (dodgy unit?) :confused:

Having said that I am happy to admit that my review on the first night was positive but you only really start to notice these issues after prolonged ownership and especially when they are/were as glaring at they were on my unit :eek: :lesson:

If I am honest my Panny AE300 produced a better picture and the HS10 :thumbsup: blows the 50 out of the water for PQ, alignment, uniformity and resolution. The black level is better on the 50 but that is not everything is it, especially on a DVD deck such as the Denon 2900 which has a decent black level mode. The Mystic River DVD looked staggering on the HS10 - it looked average at best on the 50 - in my opinion :rolleyes: I suppose this can remind us of how good the HS10 is (hello Kramer! :cool: )

Sorry if this upsets people, but if you have a 50 and are happy with it then good for you - it sounds like you have a good 'un :hiya:

The quest continues!

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abs: what you're describing sounds like a digital compression artefact (similar to what you see on compressed jpeg images - but moving, of course). Goes to show how revealing/accurate your new system is.

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