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Hi all, I have noticed a very faint ring of around 3 inch diameter on my screen, only visible on total black screen and shows slightly lighter, I must emphasise that this is extremely faint, however if I turn the zoom ring right in there are loads of specks visible, obviously everything is hideously out of focus but I assume these to be minute dust specks in the lens of which one does correspond to the previously mentioned ring when refocussed, does this sound normal, this does not seem to be dust blobs on the panels but probably on the lens itself, I have cleaned the lens and nothing is visible, my PJ is a Hitachi PJ-TX10, six weeks old and 36 hours on the clock
It's most unlikely to be dust anywhere in the lens itself you are seeing.
Could be on the polarising filters. These are far enough away from the LCD panels that dust particles on them would be very out of focus.

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