Visible Backlight & dead pixel differences between 26" and 32" LCDs?

Discussion in 'LCD & LED LCD TVs Forum' started by David Mackenzie, Aug 1, 2005.

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    Hey everyone,

    Trying to decide between a 26" and 32" model for my next LCD TV. 26" suits me fine - it fits in nicely on my desk underneath my DVD rack that's mounted above. Ideally I'd like a 28" set but since that's not an option, going up to 32" is my other choice. And hey, bigger would be nicer...

    Now I've heard somewhere that bigger LCDs have weaker black levels, and are more prone to dead pixels than smaller ones. The latter I can believe, but the first one surprises me, and I haven't really heard about it as much on forums. Is it true? Would the extra 6 inches make all the difference? I'd really like to avoid dead pixels and uneven backlighting on my new TV, seeing as the one I'm upgrading it from is perfect in both respects.

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    As an LCD virgin, I cannot give any advice from experience, but from the last week of intense, up-all-night, bloodshot eyes, caffeine fuelled, on the internet all day at work type research, I certainly have been given the impression that this is true. The larger the screen; the lower the contrast and the weaker the black levels. I have got this impression largely through forums and web reviews, although I have to say I noticed this too while browsing the selection of LCDs in Currys the other day (although it's hard to tell with the crappy stuff they play on them).

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