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virtual surround headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones, Earphones & Portable Music' started by adi, Apr 2, 2002.

  1. adi


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    anyone use the above ??
    the missis has a habit of going to bed and reading for a bit - an ideal opportunity to get a disk in - however - we have the usual cries of "its too loud" or "that bass is banging".
    ive tried normal stereo headphones but they're crap - ive seen some from sony, phillips and sennhieser, which range from £80 to £400 (for the sonys) - the sonys are apparently certified with virtual dolby digital, but the only reviews ive seen are on the manufacturers sites - andare therefore biased
    i dont want to splash the cash until im sure they'll sound ok

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