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Hello! My name is Ben and I'm a third-year student at the University of Arts London. This study is taking a look at VR user's attitudes towards the use of data collection for personalized VR advertising in the future, specifically looking at the Oculus/Facebook ecosystem. This interview should not take any longer than 30 minutes and can be held through a call or instant messaging.

Purpose of the project:
This project aims to investigate VR user's attitudes towards Oculus use of data collection for personalised advertising in Virtual Reality.

You are being invited to take part in this research. It is important you understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please read this carefully in deciding whether or not you wish to take part, and ask if there is anything unclear or for any more information. Participants are also required to be over the age of 18+.

What are the risks of taking part?
There are thought to be no risks in participating in this research. No other commitments or lifestyle restrictions are required or associated with taking part.

What do I have to do and how will the interview be conducted?
Please answer all questions in the interview in as much detail as possible. The interview will be taken over a Zoom call/Discord and should not take longer than 30 minutes. Questions and responses will be audio-recorded and later transcribed for purposes of research.

What type of information will be taken from me?
The interview will ask you about your attitudes and feelings towards data collection and personalised advertising in the Facebook & Oculus ecosystem. Your views as a VR user is what this project is trying to explore.

What will happen to the information I give?
All responses will be kept completely confidential and anonymous throughout the research process. Information will be stored securely on a local hard drive. Once the project is complete and submitted, all data retrieved will be discarded.

Consent Form:
In order for me to use the interview as part of my research, you will be asked to sign a consent form that will require your age and name/initials. This information will remain confidential and not be used in the report.


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Academic purpose confirmed

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