Virtual console travesty


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The price and the 'region' issue of the VC annoys me but borders I can deal with, I watch plenty of DVD's with borders when they're presented in 2:35 (or whatever) and In fact I prefer it that way, having always watched 'letterbox' formats on a 4:3 tv, I'm used to the bars. Whenever I play cube games on the widescreen I always change the format to 4:3 and I like to watch american programs on sky in 4:3 too, this gives really big borders at both sides but at least I'm seeing the complete/non-stretched frame as the developer/director intended. Oh and slower gameplay isn't an issue either, I'm getting on these days and the slower the better.............
This is interesting. On the one hand you're happy to watch movies with borders as it is how the director intended it, yet on the other you're happy to play games with borders, which isn't how the developer intended it.

The PAL versions of games have borders because they are only showing the same detail as the NTSC versions, so only 480 of your 576 lines are being displayed. This means that everything looks squashed as it is now not filling the full screen. I completely agree with those that say if you've never played an import it won't matter. But how can someone say they support borders in a movie because that's how the director intended it and then play their games in a way that was not intended by the creator? It baffles me.

It's a shame as Nintendo could really have avoided all complaints by offfering all regions games to everyone. As it is they'll just lose money from the hardcore importers of old as they'll just stick to emulating things at the correct speed for free on their PC's.


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Actually the borders don't affect me at all - as I simply adjust the aspect ratio to suit (I use a video processor - the Crystalio II).
It's just the speed. BTW I played Goldeneye on a US console and it was slightly sluggish - I've never played the UK one so I don't know if it was worse or not.
Many 3D games are unaffected by the PAL/NTSC conversion as they just run at their best available frame rate. It's the old 2D ones that cause problems as it's a complete redo to change the frame rate of everything.

I've never been happy emulating - but I might revisit the scene soon if Nintendo can't deliver what I'm after. Either that or get a US Wii.

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