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Virtua Fighter cab to MAME cab help

Discussion in 'General Video Gaming Chat' started by Tza, Aug 20, 2004.

  1. Tza


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    ok guyz here we go...

    im a real noob on these kind of things and all the help and different oppinions I can get the better.

    I have bought a Vitua Fighter cabinet on ebay for £150 which I think looks excelent, it has a big screen, it has a big control panel and is exactly what I wanted to get and convert it into mame. I work as a graphic designer and have many ideas for the marque, side art and control panel, but I realy suck on wiring and programing.


    I dont realy know where to start from, so I will tell you what I have to do exactly...

    1. buy an i-pac
    2. add 3 more buttons each player
    3. add credit button
    4. buy a PC with a VGA card

    ok now let me state all the questions I have, I would like to know and chat to someone who has converted a Virtua Fighter Cab or similar cab...

    here are two images of inside of the cab



    1. How will I know which wires to connect to the I-PAC? how are the connected to the IPAC? using a soldering iron?

    2. When I have the buttons installed does each wire from each button connect to the i-pac?

    3. How good does the computer have to be? and does it need to have an arcade VGA card installed?

    4. Ive seen many cabs that have extra controls for choosing the games and roller-balls are they needed?

    5. Which is the best program (emulator) to use for MAME on the cab?

    6. What exactly connects onto the i-pac? which wires?

    7. Once the Pc is installed will I need to power supplies? one for the cabinet and one for the PC?

    8. How do you program a PC to as soon as it is switched on to run the mame program? can u have loading pictures?

    9. Does the I-pac keep the high scores?

    10. The cab has its own speakers how will I connect the PCs sound output to the speakers?

    11. What part of the cabinet is the original game (virtua fighter) and can I remove it once I have installed mame?

    The most important question is what do I need to wire onto the i-pac?

    all help is very appriciated. If anyone has ever converted one of these cabinets and knows what exactly what to do and can help me via emails or something similar will be great!
  2. o0OBoBO0o

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    Jul 25, 2002
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    I hope I can help, I think you may be in a whole world of pain, to give you some background I have a 28" generic Jamma Cabinet, I run ArcadeOS which in turn runs AdvanceMAME, this all runs on a XP2000 barebones PC with a Trident AGP graphics card.

    I think the problem you are going to experience are:

    The Sega cabinet has specific (i.e. non generic) connectors
    Your monitor may (or may not) be a standard resolution

    The easiest thing you can do, or where I would start is to see if you can find a convertor that will allow you to connect Jamma equipment to the Sega Cabinet, once you have a Jamma connector then its gets easier.

    Swap your IPac for a JPac and you can then just plug into straight into the Jamma connector which in turn plugs into teh Sega proprietary connectors. For ease you could get yourself an ArcadeVGA card form Andy Warne and then you can use Windows XP etc on teh cabinet, build a PC, connect it all up and fingers crossed.

    A word of warning, this is hardwork and will take up all your spare time, I constantly find myself tweaking things, trying to improve things etc
  3. CAS FAN


    Nov 24, 2003
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    The Wheldon Road end!
    Yeah you really should have gone down the JAMMA cabinet route if you wished to do a PC to JAMMA Mame conversion. I don't think that it's impossible with the Cab that you have but there's a lot more work involved.

    The setup I have is :

    1) J-Pac plugged into my JAMMA Connector.
    2) Video card in Comp (I have an old N-Vidia TNT Card) plugged into the J-Pac.
    3) Keyboard plugged into J-Pac & Keyboard port on Comp also plugged into J-Pac.
    4) Some PC Speakers plugged in to the sound card & they are housed behind the Marque.

    I then run Advance Mame with Arcade OS frontend. Advance Mame outputs the correct video signal from my card so that the monitor can show the image correctly.

    That's it!

    With a none standard Cab I would firstly go down the route of getting the full schematics for the machine (if you don't already have them). You may be able to find these on the net somewhere. Then you can buy a JAMMA connector and wire up all of the releavant wires to the JAMMA connector. Not sure if you can get ready made converters to change the machine to JAMMA as you'd need to wire up the separate wires anyway. You can buy converters to convert None Jamma boards to Jamma but to change the cabinet you need to do a bit more wiring. Once this is done you should then be able to go down the JAMMA to PC route as explained above. As mentioned above though this will work with a standard resolution monitor. Not sure what the original VF is but if it's Medium or high res then you will need to make sure you are outputting the right signal.

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