Virgin V+, no sound vis Sony DVD Home Theatre System DAV-DZ230


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May 13, 2008
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I have just had V+ installed, HDMI cable from the unit to the TV, I also have a DVD/HD recorded and a Sony DVD Home Theatre System DAV-DZ230.

When I view normal TV [i.e. not via V+] or DVDs from either the Home Theatre System or my recorder I get perfect surround sound - however when I view via V+ I don't get any sound from the DAV-DZ230 [just the TV]. The DAV-DZ-230 is connected via SCART to the TV.

Any ideas on how to get sound using V+
You need to connect the Optical Audio Out on the back of the V+ box to an Optical Audio In on your Home Theatre Amp, That said, I've just looked at the soec for your amp on the Sony website & it doesn't have one.

How is your HDD/DVD connected to the Home Theatre amp other than via SCART ?
There's nothing else plugged directly into the DVD Home Theatre System, everything else goes via the TV and I assume dispersed from there??

Interestingly before I have V+ installed I could get surround sound via the old Virgin [NTL] box fine [via scart].
Interestingly before I have V+ installed I could get surround sound via the old Virgin [NTL] box fine [via scart].

SCART is not capable of carrying Dolby 5.1 ( ie surround sound ). You might have got sound coming from all speakers when using your external HDD/DVD , but it was not true surround sound.

In the V+ Home menu go to

Option 8 Settings
Option 4 Display settings

Can't be sure about the numbers - I'm in work, nowhere near my V+.

What does the setting for HDMI Audio Override say. If it's On turn it to Off.

Might give you sound, might not.

The big disadvantage of these "All in One" systems like your Sony Home Theatre is that they don't tend to have much support for external devices like your V+.
Interestingly before I have V+ installed I could get surround sound via the old Virgin [NTL] box fine [via scart].

The problem is probably because the V+ box doesn't output anything via the TV Scart when in HDMI mode. However the VCR Scart does. If you're not using the VCR Scart try connecting that to your TV in the same way as the old box was connected.

As you don't have the option of digital audio you can ignore the HDMI override setting.

You won't be able to get full 5.1 without a digital connection, but you will be able to get Dolby surround or pseudo surround.


I've tried setting the HDMI Audio Override - it was already off, and I've also tried using the Scart from V+ straight into the TV - neither make any difference.
You need to run an optical cable from the V+ to the Sony HTK. If you're using the HDMI out of the V+, the TV will be unable to send the audio 'back down' the SCART from the TV to your HTK like it was doing. You're not allowed to convert from HDMI down to analogue. Run the optical cable, change the menu setting mentioned above and switch to BBC HD. Enjoy.
Is the SCART to the TV coming from the VCR SCART port on the back of the V+ as bsuttie said ?

I think you may be stuck. If you manually change the TV to AV1 ( or whatever it was called with your old NTL box ( assuming you've put the SCART in exactly the same SCART socket on the TV as your old NTL box ).

You might now get sound via the amp, but certainly no picture.

HDMI1 ( or whatever your TV calls it ), will give you picture but no sound via the amp.

The only way round things then, with the same setup, is to switch the V+ back to SCART mode, and you will lose the big, big advantage of the better picture quality via HDMI.
I tried the SCART suggestuon from bsuttie but this didn't make a difference.

(The other suggestion about an optical cable isn't possible because my HTK doesn't have one.)

It seems kinda strange that my upgrading to V+ I've lost one of the main benefits of watching movies or sport - only TV sound!
What happens if you connect the V+ VCR Scart direct to the DAV-DZ230 scart in? If that works - which it should - you could then either -

a) add a scart switch
b) connect the V+ VCR Scart out to a spare input on your DVD recorder (if you have one) Then you would just switch the DVD recorder to that input when you wanted the V+ audio through the surround sound.



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