virgin V+ HD box power consumption


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When the V+ HD box is put into standby the power usage drops from about 28W to about 25W. Assuming you watch 6hrs a day and the box is on standby for 18hrs the standby consumption per year is 25w * 18hr *365days = 164.2 kW. At 11p per kW hour that's £18. Which is, of course, an extra £1.50 per month. (hope i got all that right!). If you sit in the tv room and the box is in standby you can hear the disk spin up and turn off quite often -say every 15mins. I don't know why it does this. I read on the virgin site that the box can be put in a low standby mode of 1mW but cannot find any info on how to do that. I suspect that in this mode the box will not record scheduled programs, which is a bummer really.


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THe box remains active in standby because it still needs to update EPG info and keep the hard drive spinning.It is a PVR used to record material and not just a cable box.

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